Local Employment & Training

In its endeavours to create sustainable growth within local communities, Central Petroleum Limited (Central) encourages members of the local community to work alongside it. We actively participate in our local communities and prefer local employment. Central understands the need to stay socially responsible and believe that having our local communities support our projects benefits all involved. We are actively looking for community insight into how we can further progress our efforts to build a strong community and have an honest and open relationship with our stakeholders.

Central is committed to Aboriginal participation in the energy sector through employment, training and business opportunities. As part of our community focus, we create such opportunities, particularly for local Aboriginal people. We work with contractors to find employment and training opportunities, communicate opportunities to Aboriginal communities, and encourage job-relevant and formal training.

Central has created Alice Springs as its hub in the Northern Territory. In addition to our commitment to the Traditional Owners we aim to employ as many permanent staff living in Alice Springs as possible.

Media Releases

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