Engagement with Landowners & Community

Central Petroleum Limited (Central) operates within local communities and takes its responsibilities to landowners, the protection of the environment and cultural heritage issues very seriously. From the onset, Central has and will continue to provide stakeholders and other interested parties continuous access to information about its planned activities.

Central works closely with regulatory bodies to ensure it remains fully compliant with all regulations to maintain environmental integrity. To assist this process, Central continues to call on pastoral leaseholders’ expertise to:

  • Identify the best ways to manage and/or minimise impact to normal operation of properties; and
  • Ensure that potential benefits to leaseholders/property owners are identified.

At Central, we are aware of the negative perception of the oil and gas industry by some sectors of the community. We believe that access to low-cost energy and hydrocarbon resources are important elements in securing the future of all kinds of employment and business in the community. The development of alternative energy supplies such as less reliable renewables will develop over time but will not be sudden. As it stands, Australia and indeed the world, relies on hydrocarbons for the very necessities of life and natural gas will play a pivotal role as we transition to a lower-emission energy future.

Media Releases

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