Description & Geology

The Range Gas Project covers an area of 77km² and contains 270 PJ of 2C contingent gas resources (135 PJ net to Central) surrounded by major coal seam gas (CSG) developments and pipeline infrastructure.

Exploration results from four wells drilled in 2019 confirmed 30m of average net coal thickness and permeability in line with, or better than expectations, indicating that this is a highly prospective CSG block:

    • deep enough for gas content
    • shallow enough for permeability
    • three target production zones
    • enhanced by a structural nose (folds) evident through the block

The 270 PJ of 2C contingent gas resources are the highest sub-class of contingent resources – “Development Pending”. Central has a high confidence of converting these 2C resources to 2P reserves as remaining requirements all relate to traditional FID activities:

    • development plans
    • gas supply agreements
    • access to infrastructure
    • commitment to develop


In addition, there are a number of favourable commercial and technical factors supporting a successful outcome:

    • adjacent to established CSG fields
    • CSG development and operations are well-understood in this area
    • access to nearby pipeline infrastructure
    • suitable for lower-cost, unfracked vertical wells