Appraisal and Development

Before finalising future development activities in the Palm Valley Gas Field, a full field review was conducted. The areas of focus have been well integrity and performance, field pressure decline, and operating expenditure. The success of Palm Valley 13, which accounts for more than half of the fields capacity, has also been instrumental in focusing efforts for future activities.

The upcoming CY2020 drilling programme will include a second development well intersecting the main producing intervals at Palm Valley. To minimise cost, following the suspension or abandonment of the Palm Valley 12 (PV12) exploration well (Arumbera Sandstone Target), PV12 ST1 will be drilled to target areas of high natural fracture density within the Lower Stairway, Horn Valley and Pacoota formations. As such, the PV12 and PV12 ST1 will have the potential to both discover new resources and add near term production.