Appraisal and Development

Most wells in the field have been drilled on the flank of the Mereenie anticline to intersect reservoir sands within the Pacoota P3 oil rim. Six wells have been drilled on the crest of the structure to target the Pacoota P1 gas cap with the Pacoota P3 gas cap not penetrated to maintain pressure support for the Pacoota P3 oil rim. As such, development drilling and recompletions are needed in the Pacoota P3 gas cap to develop the 2P gas reserves.

The current priority of the joint venture is to optimise existing gas production and plan development and appraisal activities to access additional resources to supply the east coast gas market. Two new crestal production wells were drilled in mid-2021 with one well producing from both the Pacoota P1 and P3 intervals. Appraisal of the Stairway Formation is also being planned, with cost-saving options to re-use existing bores being prioritised. The Stairway Formation holds in excess of 100 PJ of gross contingent resource.