Conventional exploration opportunities in this block comprise:

  • four-way dip and fault bounded structural culminations to the north of the permit;
  • sub-thrust traps formed where known reservoirs are juxtaposed against sealing lithologies;
  • the potential for an unconventional “continuous resource” play is recognised in the Horn Valley Siltstone (HVS), source of oil and gas in Mereenie and Palm Valley fields. The HVS developed on the flanks either side of the anticlinal trend are prospective unconventional reservoir targets; and
  • large basement closure poorly defined by gravity and limited seismic may be analogous to the Dukas structure in the southern Amadeus.

Central acquired gravity data in 2014 which has been integrated with magnetics, seismic data and outcrop geology to define additional traps in this vast and underexplored area.  Additional seismic will be required to delineate several leads and future wells will test the proven Stairway Sandstone and the Pacoota Sandstone, as well as deeper targets (Heavitree/fractured basement). The wells may also collect core, desorption and other laboratory data which will further develop the company’s knowledge of the HVS continuous resource, shale oil or shale gas targets.

Mamlambo 1 is part of the CY2020 exploration program and is planned to test the Stairway Sandstone and the Pacoota Sandstone within L6 (Surprise Production Licence).  Information from this well will inform on future seismic acquisition and drilling targets within EP115.