Current Activities

Central is the largest onshore gas producer in the Northern Territory, supplying oil and gas from its Mereenie, Palm Valley and Dingo fields to domestic customers in the Northern Territory and the wider Australian east coast market. These producing assets support high growth activity throughout Central’s E&P Portfolio:

  • oil and gas production operations: Mereenie, Palm Valley and Dingo fields with 73 PJ of 2P gas reserves and 0.43 mmbbl of 2P oil reserves;
  • near-term appraisal projects: Range coal seam gas project in Queensland’s Surat Basin with 135 PJ of ‘development pending’ 2C contingent resources progressing towards a final investment decision;
  • current exploration at Palm Valley: the Palm Valley 12 exploration well is currently drilling (mid-2022), appraising a new gas resource in the Pacoota-3 Sandstones which lie beneath the existing gas production zones at Palm Valley.
  • near / in-field exploration targets: exploration targets in the Amadeus Basin targeting 593 PJ of gas (mean prospective resource) from three high-graded drillable prospects; and
  • exploration opportunities: Over 180,000 km² of tenements in under-explored hydrocarbon-bearing basins with enormous potential, including helium and hydrogen.

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Media Releases

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