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Employment Philosophy

Central Petroleum recognises that its major investment is its people. It also recognises that employee happiness and job satisfaction are the prime contributing factors to the building of a well-knit, efficient and enthusiastic work force that are keen to bring about the successful achievement of Company objectives.

Central Petroleum acknowledges the opportunity to recruit people who match its culture and direction. In an industry where labour turnover can fluctuate, it is critical to attract these locally based jobs to those local people with the best skills and more importantly the desired attitudes.


The Culture

Family Values for Working Families

Central Petroleum addresses this strategy through maximising the number of employees who can commute from their homes in Alice Springs.

Northern Territory for Northern Territorians

Under this strategy, where Central needs to employ people at remote locations, to the maximum degree possible those employees, over time, will be based at Alice Springs and “bussed” in from there rather than depending on Fly-In Fly-Out workers from elsewhere in Australia.

Traditional Values for Traditional Owners

Central Petroleum is committed to training and employing people on whose land we operate and indigenous employees generally. As at 31 December 2019, 30% of our operational employees are indigenous.


Why work for Central?

Flexible work and lifestyle balances

Central provides employees with the option to consult with supervisors and managers about facilitating flexible arrangements that best suit the employee’s lifestyle.

Training and development

There is a strong focus on the training and development at Central, allowing employees to be the best that they can be.

Social club

Central Petroleum Social Club membership is available to all employees. An event typically takes place once every month.


9.5% on top of an employee’s base salary is paid towards their super fund of choice.

Salary Sacrifice

Salary sacrifice options are available for employees, e.g. vehicles, superannuation.

Short Term Incentive Plan

  • As a part of the pay for performance culture adopted by Central Petroleum, the company has designed this program to recognise employee performance
  • It is a 12 month scheme that includes up to a possible 10% of the Total Fixed Remuneration
  • The bonus is determined by corporate (40%), department (30%) and individual (30%) Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) which includes an element of safety and environment
  • Corporate and department KPI’s are transparent across the company
  • KPI’s are reset every 12 months around the time of Performance Reviews

Long Term Incentive Plan

To view details of the Company’s LTIP please click here.

Media Releases

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