The Palm Valley Deep prospect (Palm Valley 12) has been matured to drillable status. Central has acquired the Sacred Site Clearance Certificates from the Central Land Council and is in the final stages of clearances from recent Archaeological surveys of the drill and camp pad. Once finalised Central will complete the drilling programs and acquire the appropriate regulatory permission and clearance to drill Palm Valley 12 in early 2016. The objective is a test of the deeper Arumbera Sandstone which is an established gas bearing reservoir in the Dingo Gas Field located some 100 km to the east. The structure has a similar area to the existing gas pool in the Pacoota Sandstone.

Palm Valley West is a lead evident on Landsat and surface mapping, which has recently been investigated and upgraded. Additional field mapping is aimed at defining the relief and extent of the feature to underpin a decision to acquire seismic or drill. In the event of success, gas could be processed through existing production facilities thereby increasing the attractiveness of the prospect.