Northwest Mereenie 1 was drilled in 1970 approximately 8 km from Mereenie 1 to test the northwest limit of the field, and evaluate the possibility of an independent structural or stratigraphic trap. A modest gas flare was encountered in the lower Stairway Sandstone, and water was recovered from tight Pacoota Sandstone reservoirs. In 2013, the joint venture acquired 323 km 2D seismic data and reprocessed over 500 km of vintage 2D seismic, seeking to define a structural culmination. Conventional exploration opportunities in this block comprise:

  • Fault bounded structural culminations.
  • Sub-thrust traps formed where known reservoirs are juxtaposed against the southern fault and/or sealing lithologies.
  • The potential for an unconventional “continuous resource” play is recognised in the Horn Valley Siltstone (HVS), source of oil and gas in Mereenie and Palm Valley fields. The HVS developed on the flanks either side of the anticlinal trend are prospective unconventional reservoir targets.