Description and Geology

The Mereenie Oil and Gas Field was discovered in 1963 and commenced production in 1984, delivering hydrocarbon liquids for sale in South Australia and gas to Northern Territory markets.

The Mereenie hydrocarbon accumulation is contained in an elongate 4-way-dip anticline that has a length of 40 km and width of more than 5 km. Reservoirs comprise a series of thin stacked sandstones of the Pacoota formation which have been the development focus, and in the overlying Stairway Sandstone which has produced gas in several wells where it has been tested.

More than twenty separate conventional reservoir sands have been identified and correlated across the field, with typical individual net sand thicknesses of less than 5 metres within a gross hydrocarbon interval of more than 800 metres.

The gas accumulation has an oil rim.