Level 3 CTP Mereenie Induction

Induction instructions:

Central Petroleum Ltd (CTP) has a responsibility to ensure the safety of all visitors to its facilities. This online induction consisting of 8 questions  (which should take approximately 8 minutes to complete) has been established to ensure you are fully aware of your obligations, our organisational requirements, and the facilities and resources available to you whilst visiting CTP sites.

Please note:
  1. Please carefully read through the PowerPoint. Using the ‘right and left arrows’ to switch slides.
  2. Our HSSE coordinator will be notified via email, when you have successfully completed the induction.


Welcome to your Level 3 CTP Mereenie Induction

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1. What must be done before attempting to enter the CTP?
2. All persons entering the CTP must attach an entry tag?
3. When leaving the CTP, what MUST be done?
4. What is the maximum vehicle speed whilst in the CTP?
5. If entering the CTP with a vehicle of any kind, what must be carried and used?
6. What are some other hazards associated with the CTP?
7. How many Safety showers are located in the CTP area?

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