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Incitec lures Cottee back to Qld seam

Cottee is the gas whisperer who turned Queensland Gas from near-broken penny dreadful into the $5.7 billion takeover target that seeded what is Royal Dutch Shell’s LNG business in the Sunshine state. Now, a dozen years and two companies later, Cottee has been invited back to coal seams of Queensland.

Source: The Australian Financial Review – Friday, 2 March 2018

Junior explorers win gas acreage in Qld

Central Petroleum and Armour Energy have won the bidding for the next gas exploration acreage released by the Queensland government exclusively for domestic supply, indirectly throwing a lifeline to Incitec Pivot’s Gibson Island fertiliser plant, which has forged a partnership with Central.

Source: The Australian Financial Review – Friday, 2 March 2018


NT’s largest onshore gas producer to increase exploration – ABC News Broadcast

While Territorians await a decision on fracking with a current moratorium in place, the NT’s largest on-shore gas producer is ramping up production.

Source: NT Country Hour, ABC News – 26 February 2018

NT’s largest onshore gas producer to increase exploration – ABC News Article

While Territorians await the final report from the inquiry into hydraulic fracking, to be released next month, the NT’s largest onshore gas producer is ramping up production.

Source: NT Country Hour, ABC News – 26 February 2018


Sydney Mining Club – Richard Cottee presentation


Peter Switzer interview with Richard Cottee

Part 1: http://www.switzer.com.au/video/richard-cottee-20171002/
Part 2: http://www.switzer.com.au/video/richard-cottee-part-2-20171002/


Richard Cottee speaking on ABC’s The Business

Central Petroleum is looking to expand production ahead of the completion of the new gas pipeline being built between the Northern Territory and the east coast. CEO of Central Petroleum, Richard Cottee speaks to Elysse.


New light in Gas Reform

Having endured two months of upset that forced him to the brink of untimely retirement, Central Petroleum boss Richard Cottee has earned a welcome if unexpected fillip with the national gas market reforms.

Source: The Australian Financial Review – Thursday, 10 August 2017


Presentation: Quarterly Results Roadshow – Closing the GAP

Quarterly Report Webinar Video


Managing Director’s Address at the General Meeting of Shareholders held 19 July 2017


Australian Energy Week 2017 – Richard Cottee presentation

Richard Cottee speaking at the Australian Energy Week on “Overcoming the raft of challenges facing domestic gas markets in order to deliver an affordable and secure gas supply”.


Cottee cold calling as gas deal falters

Macquarie Group does not often fail to get its way. But the runes of protest are pointing to the upset of the Millionaire Factory’s plans to capture value from the east coast gas supply crisis by taking control of the Northern Territory junior Central Petroleum.

Source: The Australian Financial Review – Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Central Petroleum a litmus for gas reform

The fate of Macquarie Group takeover target Central Petroleum has become an increasing complex bellwether of the national progress towards a solution for our on-again, off-again national gas crisis.

Source: The Australian Financial Review – 16 June 2017


Croc of a deal for the NT on pipeline costs

The GMRG has effectively offered ice cream to the Australian manufacturers on death row which, while better than no ice cream, does not alter their fate. The combined effect of not biting the bullet on asset valuation methodology and capacity being locked up by incumbents means NT gas, whether new offshore or existing onshore, will struggle to mitigate the economic carnage visited upon Australian manufacturers and their often unionised workforce as their products will soon be sourced offshore.

Source: NT News – Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Central Petroleum Shareholders Information Session Video


PWC asleep at wheel during $50m gas bid

Territorians have been left with $50 million of gas they will not use after the Power and Water Corporation was outsmarted in a supply deal.


PM looks in wrong places for answers

…Central, like so many others not on the prime ministerial gas crisis guest list, should have been invited to the executive gathering later this week that will see Turnbull and his Energy Minister, Josh Frydenberg, attempt to find answers to the nation’s present and future gas “crisis”.


Central expects second takeover bid from Macquarie

The managing director of domestic Australian gas supplier Central
Petroleum expects investment bank Macquarie will make another offer
to buy the company.


Richard Cottee speaking to the Morgans network – 26 November 2015


NT gas pipeline certain to proceed, says Central Petroleum boss Richard Cottee

Source: The Australian Financial Review – 11 November 2015


Noosa Mining Conference – Central Petroleum Presentation


Executive Series 11 Jun 15: Central Petroleum (CTP) Managing Director, Richard Cottee


Richard Cottee Interview with ABC News

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