Cultural Heritage Awareness Induction

Induction instructions:

Central Petroleum Ltd (CTP) has a responsibility to ensure the safety of all visitors to its facilities. This online induction consisting of 7 questions  (which should take approximately 7 minutes to complete) has been established to ensure you are fully aware of your obligations, our organisational requirements, and the facilities and resources available to you whilst visiting CTP sites.

Please note:
  1. Please carefully read through the PowerPoint. Using the ‘right and left arrows’ to switch slides.
  2. Our HSSE coordinator will be notified via email, when you have successfully completed the induction.


Welcome to your Cultural Heritage Awareness Induction

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1. The Cultural Heritage induction is in place so that we may, what?
2. What is Principal Ideal number 1?
3. Asking questions in a loud voice may be regarded as what?
4. If you wished to join into a group of men or a female group, what is the protocol?
5. If talking to indigenous Australians what must you consider?
6. What must every person try and do when dealing with different cultures?
7. If you are asked to make a statement to an Indigenous Australian or stakeholder, whilst engaged in company work activities, what should be considered?

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