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Central Petroleum Limited (Central) was formed in 1998 with a strategy aimed at securing large acreage tracts and targets in prospective areas of strategically well placed parts of central Australia. Their success led them to examine potential for the monetization of gas resources by being a foundation producer behind the interconnection to the Eastern Seaboard markets.

Central gained admission to the Official List of the ASX on March 3rd 2006 with shares and options commencing to trade on Tuesday the 7th March 2006. The acreage has been assembled since 1998 when the Company was first formed as Merlin Synergy NL.

Since 2012 Central has undergone significant change, seeing a renewal of its Board and Management team. This change in leadership has led to significant transformation of the company’s direction, focus and strategy, to enable Central to focus on unlocking the vast energy potential within central Australian Basins at a critical time in Australia’s domestic energy supply.

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