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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Statement:

The Company is committed to the principles of good corporate governance and high ethical standards in business as articulated by the ASX Corporate Governance Council (“the ASXCGC”). The Company seeks to follow the best practice recommendations for listed companies to the extent that it is practicable. In cases where the Company determines it would be inappropriate to follow the principles because of its circumstances, the Company will provide reasons for not doing so in its Annual Report as contemplated by the ASXCGC.

ASX Listing Rules require listed companies to disclose the extent to which they have complied with the ‘Best Practice Recommendations’ of the ASXCGC. Please see Central Petroleum Limited’s Corporate Governance Statement for the principal corporate governance practices of the Company. Any instances of non-compliance with the recommendations and reasons for such variance are summarised within this document.

A copy of the Company’s Constitution is provided here ‘CTP Constitution.pdf‘.


The Board has established the following policies in accordance with the ASXCGC’s recommendations:

Audit Committee Charter

Risk Committee Charter

Remuneration & Nominations Committee Charter

Community Affairs Committee Charter

Code of Conduct

Securities Dealing Policy

Diversity Policy



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